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I am completely enamored with this anti-heroine and most people are shocked by that.

Lights of Hope

Built during the time of the Great Depression, the Empire State Building has always been a symbol of hope.

Wonder Woman - Champion of Themyscira

I am in awe of the story of Wonder Woman, a strong feminine figure who my two daughters can look up to.

Superman - Last Son of Krypton

“Truth, justice, and the American way”

The Great American Race

DAYTONA 500!  Colors merging with each other through speed, it’s a painting in movement.

Unveiled New Art in Monterey Peninsula

Unveiled New Art in Monterey Peninsula

Over the course of three days, artist, Blend Cota, was on the Monterey Peninsula showing off his latest work. Blend kicked off his event schedule at Monterey’s Current Comics, where he officially unveiled his latest DC Comics piece, Catwoman. His bold use of colors...

King of the Jungle

such a powerful symbol of strength, pride and glory

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Samurai Warrior
The Bullfighter
The Dark Knight
Daddy's Lil Monster
Thank you Zionsville!

Thank you Zionsville!

Thank you to the wonderful people in Zionsville. Many people came by to come enjoy my art and even take them to admire them in their home. I took the time to talk and even sign & sketch on the back of purchased artwork. The Zionsville Gallery is one of the very first...

Cutting Deep

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