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Cutting Deep

Title:  Cutting Deep
Artist:  Blend Cota
Released:  2018
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Subject:  Cowboy, Horse, Bull

Artist Notes
The old western tradition of a cutting horse competition is an incredible combination of training and skill. There is no stronger bond between cowboy and his horse, and to be successful they must act as one, they must anticipate the cow’s next move, every sharp turn, and every hard stop. As you watch these tense, synchronized movements, you realize how amazing this relationship is…and this was my moment of inspiration for this painting.


  • As the dynamic movements of the rider and horse contain the cow, the artist’s colors reflect the tension in the challenge.
  • The red, orange and yellow hues capture the speed of horse and cow while the rest of the herd remains in calmer colors of blue, purple, and green.

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