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Wonder Woman – Champion of Themyscira

Wonder Woman and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC Comics. (s17) © Art Brand Studios, LLC, All Rights Reserved

Title:  Wonder Woman – Champion of Themyscira
Artist:  Blend Cota
Released:  2018
Medium:  Oil on Canvas
Subject:  Wonder Woman

Artist Notes

I am in awe of the story of Wonder Woman, a strong feminine figure who my two daughters can look up to. Wonder Woman, also known as Diana, is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the first child born on Paradise Island founded by Amazons. Diana did not keep her identity a secret, and fought to become known as a “super-heroine”. Indeed, her character was in many ways that of a babe in the woods, innocent and without guile. She had to learn English when she arrived in America, rather than knowing the language intuitively. In my painting she stands as a warrior ready to use deadly force when called for and positioned to force her enemies into submission using the Lasso of Truth.


  • The helmet of Ares, Greek god of war and the nemesis of the Wonder Woman, lays on the ground, empty and defeated.
  • The Lasso of Truth was forged by Hephaestus, the Greek God of Fire and the son of Zeus. The lasso is completely unbreakable, immutable, and indestructible.
  • The colors of chaos and explosions are represented in yellows and reds but is subdued by the calming colors of blue and green radiated off of our heroine.

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