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The Bullfighter – 11″ x 14″ Floating Metal Prints

Printed directly on the specially treated aluminum surface, provides a radiance not achieved by standard substraits. Each print is floated 1/2″ above the wall for a sophisticated look.


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The color of Blend Cota’s art takes on a new level of brilliance once printed on our specially treated aluminum panels. The natural quality of metal absorbs then radiates light with a substantial feel that is not available with other materials. Each Floating Metal Print is affixed with a half-inch mounting plate that subtly lifts your piece off the wall adding a sophisticated look to any home or office.

  • Printed directly on the metal surface, not transferred.
  • Printed with UV cured ink.
  • 1/2″ Float Mount

Image Notes

I wanted to capture the colors of strength, confidence, and success in this powerful piece. The fearless bull overpowers the painting as he prepares to charge mightily into the unknown while the matador calmly focuses on his task, to entertain the packed crowd. The multicolored background is filled out by the loud cheering crowd.

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11" x 14"


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